Raised Access Floor Systems

Raised Access Floor Systems

Panels: 24" x 24"
Understructure: Grid system (stringer and pedestals) offer to meet
height requirements

New Flooring system: Pedestals are offered in wide variety to meet any height, seismic concerns, and lateral load requirements. Complete flooring system: Concrete filled, Hollow steel, and Woodcore

Concrete Filled System: constructed or a welded structural steel assembly designed to accommodate ultimate and dynamic loads. Specially formulated cementitious filled

Concentrated Load Rated Offered: 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000

Wood Core Systems: constructed of a high density composite core encased in a sheet metal shell. The woodcore systems offer high performance characteristics in a fair valued product. Its solid feel and light weight offers an economical solution to your access floor needs

Concentrated Load Rated Offered: 1250

Key points regarding flooring systems:

1-Electrical Grounding: protect your equipment and data

* If there is electrical build-up or a ground problem on top of the floor, it can cause major problems and shut down your system: ASM is the only manufacturer to comprehensively address this problem by incorporating a solid brass Positive Ground Device (PGD) in every panel as standard equipment. A small detail solves a critical problem.

2-Nickel Chrome Plating: eliminate the hazards of zinc whiskering

* ASM has extended clean room technology to the data center by using nickel chrome plating on the critical parts